Laundry: Our Family’s Dirty Little Secret

When you’re a momma of 3 under 3 and your husband might as well be 4, laundry is a crap shoot. A laundry crap chute, if you will.

Our laundry room is in the basement which is both a blessing and a curse. Throughout the day I just throw dirty clothing down the basement stairs to get it out of our general living area. But that’s a tricky little game, because “out of sight out of mind” is one of my life mottos, along with “I hope this is chocolate.”

Here’s how the laundry cycle at our house usually goes down.

I wait until I literally cannot walk down the basement stairs without falling on clothing. Then I kick everything to the bottom of the stairs. Repeat for an entire week.

Now that the pile of clothing is stacked waist high, I push it to the laundry room like I’m Salt n Pepa. I push it real good.

Because the mountain is SO large, I have to be choosy about what goes in first. What are our dire needs?

1. My underwear. Not the lace boycut undies that I have a full drawer of… I’m talking about the comfy pregnancy underwear that Jacob hates.

2. Jacob’s underwear. Because if he asks me ONE MORE TIME “can you smell these to see if they’re dirty?” I’m going to lose my mother-loving mind.

3. Kids jammies. 90% of the time when we “get ready for the day” we just change into new pajamas. #sorrynotsorry because where am I taking my gaggle of children on my own?! No where. The answer is no where.

From there, it’s just a free-for-all. No, I do not separate whites, colors, or delicates (honestly, there is nothing delicate about my post-baby undergarments). Whatever is closest to the top of the pile gets thrown in.

I also like to live dangerously when it comes to load size. I don’t care if Jacob thinks “that load is even too big for an industrial sized washing machine.” If it fits in, I let it spin!

Here’s where the timeline gets a little foggy. Sometimes I’m super motivated and flip the laundry to the dryer as soon as it’s done. This is incredibly rare. Most times, I forget I started a load and it just sits for hours? days? weeks? Then, you know the drill. Fire that baby up again, because all of the clothing smells like straight mildew.

Let’s say I remember to switch the laundry over to the dryer (try to at least keep a straight face when I say that). Because of load size, I have to pick the driest dryer setting. It gets the clothes completely dry about 50% of the time. *cue the mildew smell again*

Ok, now the load is dry-ish. Time to fold. I’m just kidding. I let the clean clothing sit in a basket in our dinning room for 2 weeks, bare minimum. It gets to the point where we can’t even remember if that basket was clean or dirty to begin with… so I throw it down the basement steps.

Ugh. I can’t walk down the stairs. Better kick everything to the bottom.

5 thoughts on “Laundry: Our Family’s Dirty Little Secret”

  1. If it fits in, let is spin!–Ha. I love that. I should remember that because I too load that son’bitch to capacity. I also don’t worry about separating anything. An older woman I used to work with (when I was in high school!) said she doesn’t separate, washes everything on warm “and the heck with it.” That has been my philosophy all these years later because if it works for an older woman who should have the wisdom to know best, then it works for me!

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