I’m a Regular Mom.

I’m probably the most basic mom out there and I’m totally fine with it. Let’s do a quick little rundown, shall we?

Coffee. I drink one cup of coffee as soon as my eyes open, or I can’t function as a normal human being that needs to do super human being things. For instance, I am a pancreas for my two year old type 1 all day, every day. And for another instance, I’m potty training my three year old. And, yeah. I drink copious amounts of seasonal coffee like winter wonderland and Christmas cookie and *gasp!* pumpkin spice. I don’t mean to brag, but I can take down a gallon of French vanilla creamer in one pay period.

I love to relax with a bottle… I mean glass! GLASS! of wine. Because nothing pairs better with screaming toddler than a nice big glass of Pinot Noir. Having a glass of wine at the end of the day signifies another 24 hours of keeping everyone alive. And I’m no wine snob. I love wine in all its forms, boxed, cheap, sweet, dry, cold, mulled… it literally does not matter. Just like my kids, I love them all the same. Except whoever makes me the happiest. I love them best.

Leggings are my fav because I can’t fit into my pre-baby clothing, and I’m sure they look awful and I’m sure I don’t give a crap. I’m a loose shirt wearing, LuLa TC lovin, black leggings rockin, walking cliche… and I’m 100% comfortable with that, because I’m 100% comfortable. When I put on jeans, the three year old always says, “Where are we going, Mommy?” And I’m all like, “Just because I’m wearing jeans, doesn’t mean I’m dressing up!” And then we laugh and laugh and I say, “Ok, seriously, get in your carseat.”

Two words. Amazon. Prime. I have ordered everything you can imagine from Amazon. I would probably be embarrassed to have someone read down a list of all my previous orders. Amazon Prime Day is my current favorite holiday. PRO TIP: Instead of just ordering from amazon.com, order from smile.amazon.com. It’s the same price for everything, but a portion of your bill will go to a charity of your choice! I donate to T1D Mod Squad, in case you were wondering. You should, too!

I want to live at Target. When My husband says, “Go! Get out of the house,” I go to Target. It is my refuge, my tranquility, my temple. I just sit Indian style in the middle of the home decor section and get lost in all the arrow decorations, succulents, and throw pillows. I sip on my ‘Bucks and buy every single thing in the Dollar Spot. Which brings me to…

I watch a lot of Chip and JoJo. I mean A LOT. And there’s nothing better for a bank account than an amateur home decorator set loose in Target, amiright? My husband keeps trying to convince me that the 70s paneling in the basement is just vertical shiplap, but momma knows better than that! And if another day goes by that my countertops aren’t concrete… I’m going to lose my French-door-lovin’ mind! Anytime a home improvement opportunity presents itself, I just close my eyes and whisper, “What would JoJo do?”

I occasionally think, “Wow, I am the most stereotypical mom out there.” And then, “What happened to me? I used to be so cool and fun.” But that’s ok, because being a mom is hard and these things make my life more enjoyable. So keep being you, Mommas. Don’t be afraid to show your individuality by the pattern on your LuLaRoe leggings!

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