Tra-la-la-la-la Tradition #5

Both Jacob’s and my family are rich with Christmas tradition, which makes for an incredibly magical holiday season. I’ll be counting down our top five Christmas traditions in true Hallmark channel fashion, one each day from now until Saturday!

Christmas Tradition #5: My Dad’s Christmas Projects

Each year my dad builds wonderful wooden creations and it’s something I look forward to treasuring for years to come. Sometimes his projects are our Christmas gifts he builds with old barn wood, including book shelves, benches, and coffee tables. And other times, my mom convinces my dad to execute these wild ideas she thinks up.

One year my parents went to Historical Williamsburg over Christmas. Each house had an elebrate fruit display above the front door. So guess who had to have an elebrate fruit display above their door? My dad finegaled a gorgeous display by nailing fresh fruit to plywood.

A couple things you are forced to think about when you enter a home with real fruit hanging above your head:

1. You must fear for your life with every entrance and exit. A pineapple and 2 dozen apples are legit heavy! And although you trust your father’s handy work, there is still a level of anxiety that comes with walking under a 60 pound fruit platter.

2. Use an umbrella. Is it suddenly raining? Nope, just pineapple juice.

Another really great example. My mom found these Jesus babydolls at the store, and they are terrifying. They look like aliens and are not anatomically correct. Well, she thought each one of her children needed one of these nightmare dolls and that it would be really special if my dad built a manger for them. He built them out of reclaimed wood and they are amazing. The manger is rustic and awesome, and my kids never stop standing on it. They think it’s hilarious for me to scream at them as they balance on the razor sharp edges. But each year, we religiously put out the manger death trap and Alien Jesus.

This next project is not something my dad crafted himself, but a duty he inherited. My parents bought my great grandmother’s 250 year old farmhouse and had an addition built onto it. Along with all the sentimental value of the home, it came with a lot of “stuff” rich in family tradition.

There is a horse drawn sleigh that my great grandmother would display each Christmas on her front porch. Every Christmas season my mom nags and nags AND NAGS until my dad finally drags the sleigh from out of the shed, around the house, onto the deck, up the stairs, and onto the porch. Well, I guess my dad grew tired of the yearly sleigh struggle and decided to get smart. The sleigh is already up for this Christmas, because he never took it down last Christmas.

Whether my dad is building a lifelong heirloom or hauling one, one things for sure, it’s something to look forward to each and every Christmas season.

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