Tra-La-La-La-La Tradition #2

Christmas Tradition #2: Christmas Eve Part I

It’s pretty apparent that we love traditions in my family, and quite possibly our favorite tradition is making new traditions. But the one day all year we jam pack the most traditions into is Christmas Eve. (How many times can YOU say “tradition” in one paragraph?)

All of the Christmas Eve festivities take place at my parents house, who live a little over two hours away, which is just far enough that a day trip really isn’t in the cards, especially because our kids are little. So, we pack up everything we own(literally everything) and all of the gifts for my family. Jacob strategically forces all of our belongings into the trunk of our car and to grandmother’s house we go!

When we arrive, we’re greeted by the hustle and bustle of my parents last minute cleaning and preparing for their famous Christmas Eve party. Each year they invite the same people, we eat the same food, and engage in the same chipper Christmas chatter. And I hope it never changes!

Before the Christmas party, we attend the children’s Christmas Eve service at church. My sister has two daughters (3 and 18 months) and we are faced with the daunting task of keeping five kids, 3 and under, content throughout the entire service. They do well during the singing and even get through the Christmas pageant. (Side note: Why is it that the wiseman who brings myrrh can never pronounce their “r’s”?) Anyway, the kids make it right up until everyone gets their own individual candle… with fire… and hot wax… Then IMMEDIATELY start acting like wild animals. All I want to do is take in the beautiful candlelight and sing “Silent Night” but instead I’m just hoping we don’t have a hospital night.

Once we safely make it through the service without any major injury, we dash home and wait for the guests to arrive. We snack on the baclava, sand tarts, and Martin’s Kettle-Cook’d chips. And is it really even Christmas Eve if Anny doesn’t make the same sweet joke about the chocolate covered cherry mice being the only kind of mice she likes?

After the party, the only people left are my parents, three siblings, our significant others, and the five grandkids. This is when my mom breaks out our matching jammies and the real fun begins!

Stay tuned for Christmas Eve Part II!

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