BABY’S GOT PACK-ing to do.

Traveling is a necessary evil around the holidays, especially for us. My family lives about two and a half hours away which is just long enough that a day trip isn’t in the cards. And let me tell you, spending the night away from home with three small children is struggle city.

The preparation that takes place in order for my kids to sleep somewhere else is absurd. I need to pack their own special pillows and blankets(no biggie). But it’s the cameras and monitors, humidifier, multiple levels of warmth-pajamas, and specific drinking vessels that are the real pains. And God forbid we forget their Bear Bears. They would rather sleep inside a burning ring of fire on a cement slab WITH Bear Bear than just be normal, reasonable human beings WITHOUT Bear Bear.

We can’t forget all of Piet’s diabetes gear. And I always, and I do mean ALWAYS, pack less supplies than we actually need. We need insulin. That sounds easy enough. Nope. First, I pack his short acting insulin pen along with enough needles to inject him five times per day. BUT WAIT! He has a cold which means he’s running high at night. Make that eight shots per day.

Now we need his long acting insulin. This is in a vial that CANNOT be broken because insulin is more expensive than liquid gold(not the cleaning product). We also need syringes to go with this insulin. O, and did I mention we keep this insulin refrigerated? So, ice packs.

Now for his glucose testing meter, lancer and lancets(fancy way to say finger pricker), and test strips. Those little rat bastards run out faster than a case of Natty at a frat party. And we need alcohol swabs for everything. So better bring 300 for three days. I know this sounds like an exaggeration… it is not.

Snacks for lows including juice boxes, skittles, apple sauce pouches, Hershey Kisses, etc. And, finally, in case he suffers an extreme low blood sugar, we always carry glucagon on us in the event of an emergency. Don’t know what glucagon is? I didn’t either. Just know it’s scary… super scary.

Was that as exhausting to read as it was to write? Moving on…

Now I pack for the baby. She needs extra outfits and jammies because an exploding diaper situation is always a possibility. I pack her bottles and formula. With the other kids I also brought my own bottled water when we traveled. With Kammie, I usually just go with tap water, which makes me Mom of the Year. And now that she’s 7 months, we pack baby food, too. So basically, this 18 pound human needs 118 pounds of stuff.

Finally I move on to myself, and it’s already a tight fit in the car, so I pack light. For a two night stay I only need six pairs of black leggings, so many tank tops, nine shirt options, two pairs of jeans (just kidding, I can’t fit into them yet), three dresses, pajamas, “comfy clothes” (this does not include leggings), an array of undergarments for all unforeseen situations, and seven pairs of shoes. O and makeup. And a toothbrush.

After hours of packing suitcases and the car, we painstakingly load up the kids and head out.

Five minutes into our trip:

Jacob: Did you grab the charger?

Me: Is this that thing you do where you ask if I grabbed the charger, and I freak out because I thought you grabbed it and then you laugh because you had it all along?

Jacob: No.

Me: *eye roll* Turn around.

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