Night Time? More Like NightMARE!

You’ve seen what it looks like for our crazy, little family to prepare for bedtime(, but how about over night?

6:30pm: All kids are asleep in their beds.

7:00pm: Go upstairs to check Piet’s blood sugar and administer a shot of insulin.

8:30pm: Kammie wakes up for a diaper change and to eat.

9:00pm: Time to check Piet’s blood sugar again. He is usually around mid-200s at this point of the night, but once the 7pm insulin hits, it will start to come down.

9:15pm: Do everything in my power to get Kammie back to sleep.

9:45pm: Lay Kammie down in the crib in our room and I start getting everything ready for bed: bottles, diapers, and move the baby monitor to our room.

10:30pm: Jacob comes home from work.

10:35pm: Jacob checks Piet’s blood sugar one more time before bed and he is usually coming down by now.

10:45pm: We lay in bed and talk about our days. We also set our alarms for 1:00am, 1:01am, 3:00am, and 3:01am to check Piet throughout the night.

10:55pm: Jacob and I usually fall asleep by now.

11:00pm: Kammie wakes up again. I pull her into bed and try to feed her to get her to sleep. It doesn’t work.

11:02pm: Jacob takes Kammie to the living room and walks around, carrying her as they listen to the “Love Song” station on Pandora.

11:20pm: Kammie is back to sleep and Jacob tries to lay her down in her crib, but it isn’t successful and she wakes up crying. We put her back in bed. This time she takes her bottle and snuggles to sleep.

1:00am: Alarm goes off.

1:01am: Alarm goes off again and I shake Jacob until he wakes. He goes back upstairs to check Piet’s blood sugar and I lay Kammie down in her crib. Piet is usually in range by this time of night which means between 100-180.

2:00am: Kammie wakes up again. She fights through a diaper change and then takes her bottle to sleep again. (She doesn’t always fall asleep easily at this time of night, but I’m trying to be optimistic here!)

2:30am: Lay Kammie back down.

3:00am: Alarm goes off.

3:01am: “Jake! Jake! Wake-up! It’s time to check Piet again!”

3:05am: Jacob rolls out of bed to check Piet. This time his blood sugar is still dropping and he’s below 100. He needs some sugar to bring him back up. Jacob tries to feed him juice and keep him asleep. While waiting to test him again, Jacob changes Piet’s diaper.

3:20am: Jacob rechecks Piet and his number is back up in range.

4:45am: Piet starts crying to come downstairs and is ready for the day. In doing so, he also wakes up Ceci.

5:00am: Kammie wakes up, and we all trudge out of bed. It’s time to start our day and time for coffee. So. Much. Coffee.

*I will say that now Piet has a continuous glucose monitor that alerts us when his blood sugar is either too low or high, and we no longer have to check multiple times per night, only treat if need be. Also, we will start sleep training Kammie within the next two months, so things are really looking up for us!*

4 thoughts on “Night Time? More Like NightMARE!”

  1. And your still functioning enough to write this blog on such an interrupted sleep pattern! Bravo you deserve a medal! With this achievement alone you definitely earned your supermum title!

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    1. Thank you! Such kind words! Sleeping has gotten SO much better! My daughter is 10 months now and sleeps through the night, and my son has a monitor that tracks his blood sugar continuously! It alerts us if he’s too high or low! 🎉

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