An Honest Parent’s Toy Review

In this week’s addition of Funny Mommy Friday, I tackle kids’ obsession with watching adults unwrap toys on YouTube. Besides being for parents instead of children, there are some glaring differences between my video and theirs.

1. The toy reviewers’ names are always dessert related, like Cookie or Cupcake. You will notice that my surname isn’t as much delicious as it is… well… frumpy.

2. They have beautifully manicured fingernails and many fancy rings. I have mom hands, or, as my mom would call them, “man hands.”

3. They have professional equipment, like proper lighting, advanced cameras, and tripods. I clamped a Wal-mart desk lamp to a children’s easel and videoed with my husband’s iPhone 6 on a selfie stick, propped up with a Hugs juice box and some electrical tape.

If you aren’t familiar with these YouTube videos in which I speak of… good! Smack the iPad right out of your child’s hand the second you hear someone say “Ok! Let’s open up the first bag!”

Click the link below to enjoy my parents only toy review on my new YouTube channel!

ASM Parents Only Toy Review

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