Minimalist Wannabes! Get in Here!

Self care is so important, but it’s especially hard to make time when you’re a busy momma. In the month of February I am going to do two things that I have wanted to do for years!

I am a huge admirer of minimalists, but having kids and being a minimalist is nearly impossible. So in February, to satisfy my desire to have fewer things and less choices, I’m going to create a capsule wardrobe! What’s that you ask? A capsule wardrobe is when you limit yourself to fewer, more essential pieces of clothing.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like a life changer… but hear me out. Giving myself less options inspires more creativity, allows for less time choosing “the perfect (sweatpants) outfit”, and the all-time, number one, best reason ever… LESS LAUNDRY!!!

So, let me take you through what I’m going to keep in my closet. Everything else will be piled into a suitcase and thrown into storage until March.

Now, I have consulted many a Pinterest pin to help me create a capsule wardrobe that works best for me and my lifestyle. I’m going to limit myself to 30 items, including shoes, not including undergarments/socks.

My capsule wardrobe will include:

2 Camis

2 Tank Tops

3 Short Sleeve Shirts

3 Long Sleeve Shirts

2 Blouses

1 Button Down

1 Cardigan

1 Pair of Jeans

1 Pair of Dress Pants

2 Dresses

2 Pairs of Leggings

2 Yoga Pants

2 Workout Tops

2 Sweatshirts

1 Pair of Sneakers

1 Pair of Tall Boots

1 Pair of Short Boots

1 Pair of Comfy Boots

To me, the minimalist lifestyle means focusing on quality- the quality of clothes over quantity and the quality of time. Instead of spending countless minutes sifting through clothes, moving stacks of clothing from one surface to another, doing load of laundry after load of laundry, I’m going to spend the time doing something I love that I haven’t in done in YEARS!! I’m going to take my extra time to read a book!

So now I’m challenging you. Do you think you could handle a 30 piece capsule wardrobe to focus on the quality of life? And find one thing you want to focus on this month that you just haven’t had time for? I’d love for you to join me!

3 thoughts on “Minimalist Wannabes! Get in Here!”

  1. Hmm smart and interesting.. I think I could do it actually but it’s probably much harder than it sounds. Luckily I live where the weather is always nice and no need for any thick cardigans or boots.

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