Type 1 and a Football Game Are Basically The Same.

1.Someone is intentionally trying to make you bleed. We’re not trying to hurt you, we just need to see some blood.

2.You need a tough defense in the red zone. A football teams defense is fueled by aggressive, large men, whereas a diabetics defense looks a little sweeter. Literally… candy and juice boxes.

3.You take shots all over your body. Both painful and both probably include someone holding somebody else down.

4.When you’re home, you do better. It’s no secret that being the home football team is an advantage. Controlling blood sugar numbers at home is as easy as swimming across an ocean… so controlling blood sugar away from home is like swimming across a bigger ocean.

5.Someone is always bringing you a drink. Water boy spraying Gatorade into your mouth at halftime vs your mom squeezing a juice box into your mouth in the middle of the night. Pretty much exactly the same thing.

6.If you don’t have the right equipment, it’s pretty dangerous. Can you imagine a football player forgetting their helmet? Or Tom Brady forgetting his deflated balls? When a T1D forgets their meter at home, full blown anxiety attack ensues. (Had to… Go Birds!!!)

7.The outcome is unpredictable. Everyone makes a plans and plays and strategies, but you can’t predict everything! Like the bounce house at the kid’s birthday party or the back-up QB tearing it up.

8.You have a lot of fans. There are just tons and tons of people in your corner cheering for you to kick butt! And no matter what, their support is unwavering!

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