You Know You’re a T1D Parent When…

1. You know how many carbs are in everything. Slice of bread- 15g Chicken nugget- 3 g Cereal- it doesn’t matter! Cereal’s the worst! And if you can master cereal without an unreal spike in blood sugar, you are a wizard.

2. Test strips! Those rat bastards are EVERYWHERE! They are in your bed, on the stairs, in your Non T1’s diaper! How?

3. You know what things like glucagon, ketones, and DKA are and you’re scared of all of them.

4. There are juice boxes in every place you ever are. Ever. I once found a purse I haven’t used since before diagnosis and even that had a juice box in it!

5. You say things like, “I’ll just SWAG it.” Not because you know what the acronym stands for but because it makes you sound cool. And then when you find out it stands for “scientific wild add guess” you think it makes you sound even cooler.

6. Mondo Coolers are still relevant for you. Because…0g of carbs!!! Way to go 90s!

7. The saying “never wake a sleeping baby” doesn’t apply to you, because you wake up your kid at least five times per week to treat a low.

8. You’re tired, and not just “I have a newborn tired.” It’s a “I haven’t slept in years”-zombie kind of tired.

9. When you go to the doctor and need a shot, you kind of wish they’d let you do it yourself because you’re a friggin pro.

10. You’re a badass. You are literally functioning as a human beings organ and monitoring their glucose levels 24 hours per day, and you just keep living life like it’s no big deal.

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