Why Must They…

1. Be so obsessed with light switches? I honestly do not care if they’re on or off, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD pick one!

2. Be touching me all. the. time? Sometimes mommy needs to pee in peace, Friends. And that means you need to get lost.

3. Go up and down the stairs constantly? And, hey! Fun game! Let’s get into a physical altercation at the top!

4. Be so fickle? One day they love blueberries. The next day, they’d rather be set on fire than eat blueberries.

5. Need something the very moment my butt hits the couch. No, I don’t want to go get you the pink dress with the purple hearts and the sparkle Crocs. And also, I know your lips hurt real bad, but this isn’t a chapstick emergency for the 800th time today, Napoleon Dynamite.

6. Never agree on the same TV show? Let’s all compromise and watch some good old fashion Doc McStuffins… but nooo. It’s either My Little Pony toys or Blippi on YouTube. And whatever I put on, there will be a guaranteed temper tantrum.

7. Want to eat things that aren’t type 1 friendly? No, kid, I don’t want to carb count a bowl of cereal, mashed potatoes, a slice of pizza, and spaghetti for one meal. What fresh hell is this?

8. Make everything a weapon? I have seen magic wands, barbies, and baby keys used to injure a sibling. Stop that.

9. Want to be a “big helper” at the least convenient time? Giving the baby a bath is not fun. Add two toddlers to the mix and that’s a recipe for a mommy meltdown.

10. Run around like wild animals? And in particular 1. Right before bedtime and 2. When the type 1 is going low and needs to take a break.

11. Demand my attention as they perform literally any task? I’ve seen someone jump up and down, but sure, I’ll watch you do that over a hundred times in a row.

12. Wake up three hours before the sun comes up? Actually, that one’s on you daylight savings.

If you’re a parent, you’re constantly asking your little humans “But, why?!?” Let’s commiserate by sharing our “why must they…” in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Why Must They…”

  1. One of my terrible memories when the kids were little was, “why must they play ‘hide and seek’ when I have to take all four of them shopping in a department store?!” It was NEVER funny to me to have to look through all the clothes racks to find one of them (mostly Luke), hiding in the middle of a round rack of clothes! I always wondered what all the other shoppers thought of me as I frantically searched for the “hider,” they probably thought I was insane taking four little children shopping in the first place!

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  2. ….use MY bathroom??!!!!! They have their own stinkin’ bathroom thank-you-very-much…with a full shower, working toilet, and sink (with a huge mirror ….so I know that’s not the reason!). Instead my sink has a variety of toothpaste globs, the toilet paper roll is always empty, and their clothes litter the floor because they just disrobe and drop before using MY shower!!!!! 😂🤣love those little buggers though! that felt good, thanks, ASM!!

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  3. -Want to get in the shower with me? Let me bathe in solitude, kid.
    – Not want to eat to eat a thing for dinner but have a million “snacks” throughout the day? There is so much more to life than applesauce pouches, yogurt pouches and string cheese. What is their fascination with anything individually wrapped in plastic??

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      1. I do actually secretly love that he never wants to leave my side. Especially when he wants momma over dadda. Sorry dad, I’m the real MVP over here…. I’m soaking it all up bc I know one day soon daddy and sports will be way cooler than mommy. So now is my time to shine.


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