It’s Time to Play “High, Low, or Just a 2 Year Old?”

On today’s episode of “High, Low, or Just a 2 Year Old?” we will explore different scenarios of Piet, a 2 year old type 1 diabetic. You will get to decide if his blood sugar was too high, too low, or if he was just being his terrible two-self.

Let’s clearly define each option, shall we?

Too High: Once Piet’s blood sugar is into the 200s, we consider that high. But the irrational behavior doesn’t really start until about 300. When he hits the triple hundo mark, we see things like throwing trucks at his sisters’ heads on purpose, angrily dumping an entire plate of food on the floor, and saying “Hold you!” constantly until you’re forced to pick up a 35 pound toddler. Our plan of action to bring down high blood sugar is 1. Get this monster some insulin 2. Run around, You Crazy Fool 3. Drink your body weight in sugar free juice.

Too Low: Any blood sugar under 85, we treat as a “low.” But meltdown status shows up at low 70s. During a low you can expect to see sudden crying for no reason, unexplained laying down, asking for “more muffins” repeatedly. To fix that low sugar, our go to is Skittles. He will smack an apple juice box right out of your hand if you try to push that crap.

Just a 2 Year Old: The blood sugar sweet spot is about 90-160. But sometimes, even with good sugs, this kid can be a real… how can I say this nicely?… butt head. He’s 2, so he’s developing an opinion about EVERYTHING. He wants to do everything by himself, including eating Jell-o with a spoon and walking down the stairs in socks. Time outs are our main method of correcting a-hole-ness, but he is a master at avoiding punishment. He subscribes to the “if you don’t look directly at them, they won’t see you” method.

Ok! Let’s get this game started! I’ll give you 3 scenarios and you place your bets!

Scenario #1: Piet and his sister were playing nicely, until they both reached for the same shark book. Their eyes met, and instant anger grew between them. His sister was faster and yanked the book just out of his reach. The fun they shared was a thing of the past and now it was time to retaliate. One after another, Piet pelted his sister with small My Little Ponies. The pony supply was endless and his accuracy and velocity was incredible for his age. The only thing that could stop him was a TACT2 restraint, delivered by his mom. So, what was he? High, low, or just a 2 year old?

Scenario #2: It was a warm day, and a trip to the swing set was just what this family needed. After lots of fun and endless swinging, it was time to go have lunch. The struggle was real and so was the slap across the face Piet delivered to his father. There was no reasoning with this out of control, wild animal. Not even bribery could sway the erratic 2 year old. What’s your guess?

Scenario #3: It was nap time and Piet was fast asleep. Suddenly he woke up, crying for mommy. Nothing comforted him, not even the 64 oz slushy his mom promised him. The crying never ended. Ever. It’s still going on now. What could he be? High, low, or in range?

I hope you enjoyed this game of “High, Low, or Just a 2 Year Old?” and maybe even learned something new! Check your answers below the picture and thanks for playing!

#1: 2 Year Old

#2: High

#3: Low

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