The Momlympics

Imagine if you could win medals for Momming. Let’s take a minute and celebrate our daily routine with these Mom Olympic events.

Speed Cleaning: After receiving a call that company is on their way to visit, who can make their house look the most presentable before they arrive? Bonus points will be given if there is time to clean the toilet.

Coffee Drinking: Who can drink an entire pot of coffee first? Urinating in the process will be cause for immediate disqualification. (Because moms don’t have time to pee. That’s just real life.)

Kid’s TV Reciting: Who can recite the most Doc McStuffin lines without making a mistake? Two additional lines will be added to the overall score if a realistic reason is given for why Doc’s head is so much bigger than everyone else’s.

Creative Bribery: In the grocery store, who can use the most colorful bribery techniques to maintain good behavior amongst all the children? Bonus points will be given for getting out of the store without actually purchasing bribes.

Speed Eating: (aka Leftover Scavenging) While cleaning up mealtime, who can shovel the remaining food into their mouths the quickest?

Dirty Dish Stacking: The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, and of course unloading is not an option. So, who can stack the most dirty dishes in the sink without any falling over? A dish breaking will lead to disqualification.

Laundry Pile-Up: Clean or dirty, it doesn’t matter! Who can stack clothing into a laundry basket the highest without it falling or busting the sides of the basket?

Competitive Wine Drinking: Who can drink the most glasses of wine without a morning-after hangover? Because functioning at 6am as a mother is a necessity.

YouTube Kids Endurance: This is the marathon of all marathons. How long can each mom endure Cookie Swirl and Blippi playing nonstop on the TV? If you start mindlessly singing “I’m an Excavator” go lay down. You need a break.

What Mom Olympic event could you win gold in?!

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