How’s Your Diabetes? It Has It’s Highs & Lows!

If you’ve been reading along, you know that when a type 1 diabetic’s blood sugar is high we dose insulin and when blood sugar goes low, we treat with sugary foods like Skittles or juice. BUT did you know other elements effect blood sugar also?

Besides carbs, here are some things that can make a T1D go high:

⬆️Having a bad dream

⬆️Inhaler or Nebulizer


⬆️Being scared


Besides insulin, these things can make T1Ds go low:

⬇️Running around or exercise

⬇️Taking a bath or shower

⬇️Getting excited

⬇️Going shopping


Here a list of all kinds of things that can effect blood sugar and make us say “What fresh hell is this?!”

➡️Cold weather

➡️Warm weather


➡️Chewing gum

➡️A cold

➡️A stomach bug

➡️A sore throat

➡️An infection

➡️(Basically all the sicknesses)


➡️Period (for women)

➡️Business time (I mean sex)


➡️The moon cycle

➡️Doing chores

➡️If you neighbor flushes their toilet

As you can see, getting type 1 diabetes “under control” is just plain impossible. It’s a crazy guessing game of “Is he going outside to play?” “Ok, then how much should we dose him?” “Did you honestly just feed him cereal? You know that’s the diabetic devil food!” So here’s to lukewarm weather, with 0 humidity, and anything but a full moon… or a new moon… or a super moon.

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