Who Had a Better Honeymoon?

To really have an understanding of this week’s Type 1 Tuesday post, we have to do a quick review of what causes type 1 diabetes. Here we go!

What causes T1D? A HUGE misconception is that diabetes is just from eating too many sweets or not taking care of yourself. In the case of type 1, this is just 100% NOT TRUE. What they are pretty sure happens is after fighting off a virus, the immune system will confuse the beta cells in the pancreas for that virus, and kill them off as well. Beta cells are in charge of producing insulin and insulin’s job is to carry the sugar in the bloodstream around the body for energy. Type 1’s do not produce their own insulin. This is very different from type 2 diabetes, but they often get confused… BUT that’s a whole other thing.

WOW! That was a lot of learning and also A LOT OF FUN!!! Now, let’s get to the good stuff, shall we? I’m going to compare a type 1 honeymoon to our honeymoon using the 5 W’s!


T1D: A newly diagnosed person with type 1 diabetes, looking ahead to their life that has forever been altered.

Ours: A newly married couple looking ahead to their life together.


T1D: Of course this varies, but on average 20% of beta cells are still kickin’, and continue to produce insulin. Things that could happen include unexpected low blood sugars, less need for corrective insulin doses, and just straight mayhem… because nobody really knows when those beta cell-rat bastards want help out!

Ours: We spent a romantic week in paradise to celebrate our love and commitment to each other!


T1D: This small amount of insulin could keep on keepin’ on for weeks, months, or even years until the immune system wipes them out, too.

Ours: Immediately following our super classy, super warm, super dry wedding! (If you need to catch up on that muddy mess, check out our wedding story posts!)


T1D: Everywhere! T1D honeymooning doesn’t need a special place to spurt out a little extra insulin.

Ours: At the Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


T1D: When the immune system attacks the beta cells, the few left over can’t keep up insulin producing and surrender by going into a hibernation state. Once insulin is reintroduced in injection form, the cells wake up and start helping again.

Ours: Apparently we went on our honeymoon to prepare us for everyday marriage. We did vow to love each other “in sickness,” right?!

So, what do you think? Does a type 1 honeymoon sound like a day in paradise to you?! Yeah, me neither. Maybe it should have another name, like “the whirlwind phase” or “the puberty phase.” Those make more sense, for sure.

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