We Put The FUN in Fundraising

As of right now, there is no cure for type 1 diabetes. This autoimmune disease takes constant monitoring with no vacations or rest. It is exhausting and frustrating and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We need a cure. We deserve a cure.

But when we fundraise, we don’t just focus on a cure, because there are so many facets of type 1. We raise money for unbelievably expensive supplies and welcoming new families to ease the pain of the transition. We raise money for diabetes alert dogs who are trained to detect highs and lows before they happen and financial assistance for kids who want to attend diabetes camp.

We attend fundraising events to meet other type 1 families and together we create a community bonded tightly by one common goal, keeping our loved ones alive.

Our main fundraiser is through JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It is a fun filled three mile walk, and I am one huge emotional mess the entire day. What an intense feeling to be in a place where everyone understands. No one even gives a second glance as I poke and stab my 2 year old, because it’s our norm!

Another organization that I feel very passionate about supporting is the ModSquad. We are one enormous, worldwide, online group that communicates daily. They are who I go to for daily support and strength.

Now for the upcoming fundraising fun events!

1. Wine Tour for a CURE! – In the early fall, we plan to take a bus to four wineries in our area! Of course we will be wearing matching t-shirts… because why wouldn’t we?!

2. Softball Tournament (for a cure-nament?… just kidding!) – This summer, Jacob will be organizing a softball tournament for a day of fun and games to support our little man!

3. Walk T-Shirt Sales – This year’s walk, our team name is “Piet’s Mates” and we will be dressing like pirates the day of! You are not going to want to pass up on this awesome t-shirt and joining our team!

4. ALL Sewn Goods Soft Prezel Sale – My generous sister is planning two fundraisers 6 months apart. The first one will start in the next couple weeks and benefit the ModSquad. In September, she will have another to benefit the walk! She is going to (locally) sell homemade soft pretzels and also raffle off her hand sewn kitchen goods!

Keep a lookout for upcoming events! We sincerely hope you’ll consider supporting our family, especially Piet, as we take on type 1 diabetes!

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