Cecilia the Fierce

With all the time we spend managing Piet’s blood sugar and spreading awareness about type 1 diabetes, our girls sometimes take an unintentional backseat. But Ceci deserves some spotlight because homegirl is somethin’ special.

First of all, she never stops talking. Like, ever. She’s been able to articulate in full sentence format since she was 15 months. This is no exaggeration, just a painful truth. So painful that I haven’t had a silent moment in two years… TWO. YEARS.

Here are some notable comments made by this sweet, small lady:

⁃ I can’t even deal with this right now. (A smart tablet)

⁃ Put this bow in my hair so I don’t look homeless.

⁃ I don’t want to wear the Sofia jammies. They’re the worst! They’re garbage!

⁃ This place is a bust! (5 Below) Let’s get out of here so we can eat some lunch.

⁃ First I need to drink my coffee before I can get anything done.

⁃ ACTUALLY, my answer is no!

⁃ Mommy, where do pine cones come from?

She is obsessed with makeup. If I am getting ready, she will INSIST on helping me. I hand her multiple makeup brushes and old foundation bottles, and she pretends to apply her makeup, narrating the entire process. If I get ready without her knowing, when she sees the final product, she is immediately offended. “BUT MOMMY! I want to do MY makeup! And where are we going?”

Same with nails. She must always have her nails painted. And do not even think about rushing through the task. If there is even a centimeter of unpolished nail, she will unleash in a way that will make you feel one inch tall.

Some of her favorite things include blind bags, Vampirina, lollipops, playing outside at the playground, and spending time with her cousins and friends. She doesn’t do anything that she doesn’t want to and is well versed in the art of manipulation. I sincerely hope she uses her powers for good and not evil, because it’s a coin flip between a life of unbridled success or a life of crime, disguises, and deception.

Despite her unbelievable sass and unwavering confidence, she has a serious soft spot for her little brother and sister. She never complains when I ask her to help them, even if it means stopping what she’s busy doing. And there is no shortage of hugging and snuggling with her.

She is 3 going on 24, and wise well beyond her years. Parenting her is never dull or uneventful. I cannot wait to see the places this little girl will go, because I truly believe there is nothing this human cannot do. Cecilia, our fiery Ceci, I love you and please stop asking me questions I don’t know the answers to.

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