The Evolution of a Momance Stage 2: Getting Acquainted

Now that you’ve found your mom mate, it’s time to get to know each other. You casually Facebook stalked her for a few days before taking the friending plunge. She accepted quickly, which gave you a boost of confidence. Over the course of the next two weeks, you progressed from liking her pictures, to commenting, and eventually messaging her about a potential play date.

Once the date is set, and the plan is in motion, you have to prepare your house for a good first impression. You clean things you’ve never cleaned before, like the windows, and the bathroom. Your home needs to look like you don’t actually live there.

You’ll also need to stock up with essentials. Juice boxes, goldfish, and fruit snacks for the children folk, and coffee and wine for you and your new bestie. Splurging on a bottle of wine over a box is necessary. As is kicking your coffee selection up a notch to some Starbucks.

When it’s finally time for your new friend and her offspring to arrive, you make sure you’re showered, hair is brushed, and you’ve changed out of your yoga pants into your newer yoga pants. With five minutes to spare, you throw on some makeup. Just as you sweep on chapstick as a final touch, there’s a knock at the door.

You scan the room. Your kids have already eaten a sleeve of crackers on the carpet, dumped every toy out of their designated bin, and what’s this wet spot? Oh well. You open the door.

Me: Hi! Welcome! Sorry, the house is a mess.

MF(mom friend… obviously): Are you

kidding? You should see my house. I don’t even know what color my couch is any more because of the laundry that lives there now.

Me: Don’t venture into the master bedroom. That’s where all of our laundry accumulates. Would you like something to drink?

MF: I’d love some coffee. The baby…

Me: Say no more. I’m on it.

You and MF hit it off right away, and are able to chat easily through the entire play date, probably because neither has seen another adult in weeks. Besides the fight club moment between your kids, and the Great Sharing Debacle of 2018 between her kids, it was a total success.

As your MF leaves, you promise to do this weekly, and even plan for the next time. As you shut the door, you feel a wave of relief that it went well, and are really excited about the prospects of sharing this messy, hectic mom life with someone!

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Momance Stage 2: Getting Acquainted”

  1. Yeah! So happy for you! It’s probably a good thing your kids messed your house up a little just before the woman arrived. If your house was perfect, she’d be too scared to have you over. My sister told me when she had a friend over for the first time, she told her, “Just pretend my stained carpet is leopard print, okay?” The woman replied, “But then how can I judge you?” I thought, that woman’s awesome!


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