To My Husband on Father’s Day

When you became a father, it was obvious that you found your calling. Here are some things you do that make you extra dad-tastic!

Right before bed is your favorite time to play a fun, little game, I call “tickle fight, until it’s an actual fight, and then everyone is crying.” This is the perfect way to transition into a serene, sleep encouraging atmosphere.

I’ve never seen someone so passionate about keeping up with the refuge schedule. The way you break down boxes and separate out the recyclables is top notch dad stuff.

Your dad jokes are some of the best that I’ve heard. Especially when you end them with “Eh!?…Eh!” We got the joke. All of us. Even the baby.

If “Ultimate Dad Style Weekly” was a magazine, you would be featured. You’ve collected an innumerable amount of t-shirts, and you will never, EVER part with them. Pair that forth grade baseball tee with one of your several pairs of cargo shorts and BAM! You’ve got yourself an outfit that would make any dad proud.

But, most importantly, it is so very evident that you are our kids’ hero, and they adore spending every minute with you. When you work long hours to support us, and they don’t see you for a couple days, their eyes light up the second they notice “Daddy’s home!” From playing catch, to giving baths, and movie snuggles, you’re the best dad out there!

We love you, Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!

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