Thanks for Loving My Nerd

I’m a nerd. It’s ok. I like that I am. I have a favorite president, Thomas Jefferson. He liked books and architecture and pea plants. I built a replica, papier-mâché Monticello in 10th grade, and, in 8th grade, I gave a school report about his slave-lover, Sally Hemings, in full 18th century, authentic clothing. Talk about questionable content.

I really, really love Colonial Williamsburg. I wonder what Jacob thought the first time I told him it was my favorite place. Probably that I haven’t been many places, which is true. But I have such fond memories of this historical town, and every time we step back into time, I cannot contain my excitement.

Instead of Jacob picking on my dorky obsession, he just goes with it. In fact, I think he might actually like it! He smiles when I make him take all the pictures, and happily eats all the time period food, and quietly listens to the tour guides in each building.

So, thanks, Babe for keeping the magic of my favorite place alive, and loving it with me!

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