Dr. Faustman’s Findings Weigh In

Last week, some pretty huge news hit the T1D community. Dr. Denise Faustman, from Massachusetts General Hospital, conducted a study using the BCG(tuberculosis) vaccine, and found that A1C levels in type 1 diabetics decreased significantly, and they were able to decrease insulin intake. To read more, check out this article 👉🏻 https://www.statnews.com/2018/06/21/type-1-diabetes-vaccine-denise-faustman/

Ok, now it’s my turn to weigh in. So you’re telling me there’s a low risk, cheap way to lower my kid’s A1C, meaning lessening the chances of serious complications down the road? Sign me up. Also, less insulin means fewer hypoglycemic events(low blood sugar)? Yes. Tell me where. Behind a Taco Bell in a dark alleyway? Ok, see ya in 10.

Of course this is not a cure… YET! But I have faith in this crazy, awesome lady who doesn’t give AF about how much money you’re going to make off a cure. She flat out says, companies won’t fund her because the BCG vaccine is inexpensive.

And to all you other T1D companies who “care so deeply about finding a cure for our community”… What do you think about this? Why aren’t you weighing in and celebrating with us? Aren’t you all about turning “type one into type none?” If this is genuine, let’s all unite and cheer for some great advancements.

I’ve never let myself think about life without T1D, until Thursday. FINALLY, something to get excited about. And who knows… maybe this will light a fire under others to race to cure this crappy disease that there is zero escape from.

But for now, I get to be hopeful, and that feels very important.

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