The Evolution of a Momance Stage 3: Friends for Life

You’re six months into your new friendship, and it’s the best! You see each other at least once every week, and it’s a definite highlight.

When you’re together, you just unload on each other. You’re so desperate to talk to another adult, who fully understands the struggle of keeping these small humans alive, even though they test your every move. You laugh, talk, vent, and drink… literally alternating coffee and wine.

Where you once made sure your house was immaculate, you now allow your clutter to show. Toys scattered, dishes in the sink, and food particles on the floor, are the signs of a judgement free zone.

Sometimes you both have so much to say that conversations are left unfinished, interrupted by parenting in the moment. Or they spinoff into seven other topics. This is your favorite. It means talking comes easily and you’ll never run out of things to say.

When life gets in the way and you have to miss a few meet ups, it is rough. Unloading on someone who is whole heartedly in your corner is incredibly therapeutic.

Here’s to all the moms out there who have found their counterpart, or are still looking for someone to fill a void. Being a mom is no walk in the park, but if you are walking in the park, don’t forget to glance around for a potential momance. They might just be the one!

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