Baby Names

You know when you’re growing up, and pick out baby names for your future children? Yeah, I was no different. My first baby girl was going to be Layla, after the Eric Clapton song, and my little boy was going to be Joshua, or Josh.

Those names never came to be, but I will tell you where our kids’ names did come from!

Cecilia. We were pretty dead set on Layla. We both loved it, and the song, but the ever annoying “top baby name list” came out, and there it was. In the top 100. So, we had to switch gears. A few weeks before we found out the gender, Jacob and I were watching New Girl. He turned to me, and said, “What about Cecilia? And we’ll call her Ceci.”

BACK TRACK- I LOVE NICKNAMES! You see, I grew up as Erin. Sure, later in life, friends started calling me “E,” and that fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a nickname, but I was always Erin. I wanted a cute nickname!

Back to Cecilia. Jake continued, “Plus! It’s a Simon and Garfunkel song, and I know you really like that kind of stuff.” I was sold, right then and there, on the spot. Cecilia. Our first, and feisty, born.

Piet. One month after dating Jacob, we were sitting in church, and he slipped me a note that said, “Do you want to know what I’d like to name our first son?” (Yeah, we’re gross. Love at first sight… blah, blah, blah… read “When We Met”). Of course, I said yes, and then he turned to the Thessalonians chapter of the Bible, and covered the “alonians” part. Thess. He wanted to name our kid Thess. I would have agreed to Poop at that time, because I was so into him. But by baby number two, I had come to my senses, and vehemently rejected Thess.

At that time, we were living with Jake’s parents, and we found this plaque made for Jacob’s grandfather, Peter, except it was from the Netherlands, where his family had just journeyed from, to start a new life, and it showed his name as “Piet.” I loved the name, and the family connection. We pronounce it “Pate,” but will accept all forms of Peter.

Oh! And Joshua was out of the question, because our oldest nephew is Josh. Still love the name, and I’m so happy someone I love has it!

Kamden. We were ready to give Layla another try. I said things like, “I don’t care how popular it is! I love that name!” I was a liar. There it sat, in the top 20. So one night, Jake and I were laying in bed and he said, “What about something like Cameron?” And I was like, “YES! That’s it!” If the baby was a boy, we settled on Heath, because of my favorite book, “Wuthering Heights.”

The ultrasound came, we found out it was a girl, and I was so excited about my sweet Cammie! Then it happened AGAIN! Every person we knew who was having a baby, was naming them Cameron, boy or girl. Back to the drawing board. But this baby was already Cammie to me.

We started tossing around totally different names, and strongly considered Lennox, but I was so set on Cammie. Then, I found Kamden, and immediately fell in love with it. She was still my little Kammie girl.

And there it is! The run down of all of our kids’ names, and how they came to be!

1 thought on “Baby Names”

  1. Thank you for not choosing Thess. 😉 Kamden is cute. My husband was almost named Parrish. Ugh. His dad overruled his mom, and he got Paul instead. Close shave. Or close save? What’s the expression? Anyway, you got me. 🙂


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