Type 1 Diabetes: Symptoms to Look For

We are just two short weeks away from Piet’s 1st Diaversary. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, when he was just 21 months old, on July 31, 2017. In two weeks, get your tissue boxes ready. I’m going to post about his diagnosis story, and it’s a real tear jerker, because we very nearly lost our sweet boy.

Because there is so much misinformation about type 1 diabetes, and symptoms can easily be mistaken for the flu or a growth spurt, I am on a mommy mission to get as much awareness out there as possible!

So here are the symptoms to look for:

1. Extreme thirst: This was the first symptom I noticed. Of course, it was summer and very hot, so at first I chalked it up to the weather. He could drink 2-3 sippy cups full of water every hour. Including overnight.

2. Excessive urination: What comes with drinking a lot? Peeing a lot. But how much is too much? A couple times each night, we had to change his clothing, because he was soaked from head to toe. I could change 3 to 4 FULL diapers every hour.

3. Extreme hunger: One morning in particular, I remember Piet eating five packets of oatmeal. FIVE! He was not even 2 and ate like a grown man.

4. Vomiting: Piet only threw up a few times when we first started noticing symptoms.

5. Weight loss: A toddler losing 2 pounds is concerning. Piet was noticeably skinny and lost over 6 pounds! Everyone we saw commented on his appearance.

6. Clear change in personality: Where Piet was thriving as a toddler, he stopped talking all together. He constantly needed held, and cried about every little thing.

There is one quick, and relatively easy way to check for T1D, and that’s by a simple finger stick. I wish I would have trusted my instincts, and been more forceful with requesting one, but you’ll learn more about that in two weeks.

There are a few ways to get your hands on a blood glucose meter.

1. Go to your nearest doctor or urgent care, and ask for a blood glucose test.

2. Go to Walmart and buy a cheap meter and test strips. It won’t be exactly accurate, but pretty darn close!

3. Come to my house, and I will test for you. I’m sure any other type 1 family would gladly help you out as well.

It is so important to spread awareness for type 1 diabetes symptoms. Too often, people die in DKA, from undiagnosed T1D. So, go. Tell. Teach! And remember I am always here for any, and all questions.

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