The Official Play Date Drinking Game

1. Bathroom Foul Play: Including but not limited to someone playing in toilet water, unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper, locking themselves in the bathroom, or peeing/pooping on the floor.

2. Toy Throw Down: Anytime there is a scuffle about sharing, sip that wine!

3. Snack Attack: “Can I have a snack?” Need I say more?

4. BORED Game: When you’re forced to play board games with the kids because they don’t have enough players.

5. Coffee Break: Throw a little Irish Cream in that coffee, because it’s time for your afternoon fix.

6. Boo Boo Blunder: Every time someone cries from an injury, drink up! This includes falls, bumps, scratches, and log rolls down the stairs.

7. Which Craft: When the kids want to color and paint, basically just an excuse to make a colossal mess.

8. No Such Thing as a Fairy Tale: Repeatedly reading story books to the kids. Two sips of it’s the same book over and over.

9. Tattle Tale: Any time there is an extensive story from one kid telling on another.

10. Toy Break: Smashed, crushed, ruined, or colored on, drink when s toy becomes landfill ready.

11. The Gold Rule of Play Doh: If anyone so much as suggests playing with The Devil’s Clay(aka Play Doh), you must immediate chug your entire drink.

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