“Are you having any more kids?”

After popping out three kids in three years, we get the same question asked repeatedly, “Are you having more kids?”

What? Just because we are a baby making factory, doesn’t mean we’re going to stay in business forever, ya know? So, we give the standard response, “NO! Hahaha. No. No. No. Nope. This shop is all closed up. No. Ha. No way, ever.”

But here’s the truth. We knew we were finished having kids when I was pregnant with our third. The pregnancy/newborn phases aren’t our cup of tea, and we were living by the motto, “Let’s just knock these kids out, so we can get to the good age.” *Spoiler alert* We haven’t hit “the good age” yet.

And, honestly, we were in the trenches when we made the choice to end with three. We were right in the heart of the no sleeping, bottle washing, diaper changing, no alone time, craziness.

So, we decided that during my c-section, I would also have my tubes removed. This decision was easy to make, and quickly agreed to the finalizing procedure. There’s no reversing having your Fallopian tubes removed. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The baby came, the tubes went, and we were left with our wonderful family of five. During the c-section, my doctor discovered the walls of my uterus were stretched incredibly thin, and even though we had already decided this baby was the grand finale, medically, I would be unable to carry another child.

It felt final, and there was some relief for us. Even if we wanted more kids, we couldn’t have them, so it was ok that we already decided to be done.

But can I tell you a secret? Sometimes it makes me sad that we can’t have any more. I mean, what happens in five years, when I contract the dreaded *gasp* baby fever, knowing that this is it for us?

But for now, I think I’ll keep cuddling my occasional sweet, constantly crazy, little humans, and lovingly leave each phase behind that we pass through.

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