Like a G6, Like a Dexcom G6

Technology is a type 1’s best friend and that’s why I am so excited to tell you about Piet’s new Dexcom G6! I have some tips for getting started, and just our experience so far.

Quick review for anyone who’s just starting to follow our journey. Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitor. What that means is Piet wears this device on his body, and it reads his blood sugar, and it updates every five minutes. It tells us things like if he’s going low or high, and alerts us either way. Before Dex, we would set our phone alarms every two hours over night to test Piet’s blood sugar. When he started wearing Dex, we were able to sleep again. Total game changer.

Let me start by sharing the #1 best thing ever: NO MORE FINGER STICKS!

Old morning routine:

Wake up, prick finger, calibrate Dex, dose insulin, change diaper, eat breakfast

*Testing Piet’s blood sugar was literally the very first thing we did in the morning every single morning for the last year.


Wake up, dose insulin, change diaper, eat breakfast

I know that doesn’t seem too different, but it’s just ONE LESS THING we have to do! It’s amazing. It makes us feel normal again.

Ok! Now for some tips:

1. If you have the G5, and are using the touch screen receiver, you can upgrade the receiver through the Dexcom website. BUT you need an authorization code that is sent through snail mail. They will not give it over the phone or via email, because once it upgrades there’s no going back. So, plan ahead for this. We are mailed our Dexcom supplies through a medical supply company, and were not automatically sent the code and manual. Keep this in mind!

2. If you’re using a smart device as the receiver, you need to delete the G5 app, before downloading the G6. You do not need the authorization code for this. It walks you through insertion, step by step, and it’s SO EASY! Also, make sure your device has enough memory. We ran into that problem… Two sensor fails later we figured it out. I ended up creating a new Apple ID for Piet, to free up cloud space.

3. Our G6 has been crazy accurate. I honestly trust it more than our meter, because who knows what kind of sticky stuff is on that little guy’s digits? Of course, every couple days I have a panic attack, like, “What if it’s off?!” prick, and it’s always within 2-5 points.

4. If you/your child are feeling low, but Dex says otherwise, always test blood sugar, just in case. Sometimes I test Piet when I think he’s acting low, and it always turns out he’s just being a 2 year old.

If you’re thinking about switching, or upgrading, or starting a cgm, DO IT! And ask me ALL the questions. If I don’t know the answer, we’ll figure it out together. As always, we LOVE Dex!

6 thoughts on “Like a G6, Like a Dexcom G6”

  1. Hi! lucky you, you have cgm available. that’s the sad thing here in our country we dont. we have to go to Hong Kong. that means find an endocrimologist to assess our little princess and check if they can/will provide us one 😞. we just hope and pray we’ll be lucky too.

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