The Great Underwear Debate of 2018

Let’s talk about underwear.

Before pregnancy, I enjoyed a comfortable pair of underwear, but it wasn’t a necessity. I wasn’t required to bend, squat, chase, or lift too much, so things didn’t really creep into deep dark places, ya know? So, I went for style over comfort.

Around month five of my first baby body, I realized I needed to revamp my undie drawer. I started at the usual, Victoria’s Secret, and found some(what I thought would be) comfy undergarments. I was wrong. Nothing was offering me the full coverage I longed for.

Next stop, Target, where all dreams can be achieved. I found six pairs rolled tightly into a plastic package. That’s right. Hanes. And they might as well have the description “granny panties” on the label. For extra added comfort, I went up one size.

As I unrolled the first pair, I thought, “Yikes, these are so big, they could be used as our dining room table cloth, in a pinch,” but as I pulled them on, it was pure satisfaction. I could roll, wallow, and deep knee bend without a single pang of discomfort.

That pack of six, turned into three packs of six, and I lovingly wore them through three pregnancies and three c-section recoveries, not a wedgie to be had.

Now that the baby making phase of my life has come to an end, I feel like I should retire my GP’s(granny panties), but I just can’t let them go! Jacob urges me frequently to cut ties, and even bribes me with new, lacy, pretty pairs, but nothing compares to the comfort of cotton.

What’s a girl to do? Pretty to please or keep it comfy?

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