Underwear Debate Settled

Remember how I was struggling between the comfort of cotton briefs vs. the sexy of silky cheekies? Well, I found the perfect solution, and I want to shout it from the roof tops!

I took commenters’ advice, and tried a few different brands, but ultimately landed on Aerie(American Eagle brand). It honestly feels like my under carriage is being carried by a team of angels.

One style in particular tickles my fancies, and it’s the seamless. I have a few different cuts of it, including brief cut and high waisted. The material is soft, and breathable. It stretches but doesn’t ride. Knocked this one outta the park, Aerie!

I do, however, need to take a minute to call out high waisted underwear. You are granny panties! You’re just trying to trick everyone with your new alias, but I see right through you. Don’t be ashamed of who you really are. You are amazing. Any underwear that doesn’t accentuate my muffin top is an automatic winner.

The seamless is my favorite, but the other styles did not disappoint! They are interesting, comfortable, AND sexy! At this time, I’d like to give an honorable mention to the soft stretch cotton. They’re soft, they’re stretchy, they’re cotton. It’s the trifecta of comfort.

Did I mention Aerie is also a great company? If they were a person, they’d shop local, always return their shopping carts to the designated area, and donate their time to food banks every weekend. They feature *real* models. Of course, my favorite is Evie. She has type 1 diabetes, and she’s an amazing advocate and role model for our T1 kiddos.

But back to the underwear. Between the sexy cuts, interesting patterns, and comfortable fabrics, you cannot go wrong with Aerie. If you’re in the market to upgrade your intimate drawer, take my advice. Go with the good guys. You’ll be able to enjoy the ride of life, without your undies riding up your butt.

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