Type 1 Diabetes Hacks

Along the way, we’ve picked up some things that definitely make our lives easier, and I want to share them with you! Here are our type 1 diabetes hacks.

1. We protect our ever fragile-unbelievably expensive-liquid of the gods-insulin in an old pill bottle. It’s the perfect size and keeps it safe for traveling, or just avoiding an everyday clumsy situations.

2. Same pill bottles, different use. We keep an empty bottle in the diabetes bag for trash, including, but not limited to, pen needles, alcohol swabs, lancets, etc.

3. We use the insulin pump Omnipod. It is common for pump failure to occur when static electricity is present. To protect the pod from failing, we wrap the outside with duct tape. (This one was brought to us by our Beyond Type 1 pen pal, all the way in California!)

4. Our type 1 is only 2, so when his Omnipod is on his arm, there’s a possibly it will be knocked off while he’s acting like a crazy person. To ensure it doesn’t, we cut the top off a crew sock, and slide it onto his arm over the pod, creating a protective sleeve.

5. We always use an extra patch over Dexcom and Omnipod. It helps keep everything in place, especially because our guy is so active. We have tried a few different brands, but, by far, our favorite is StayPut Medical. We have yet to have a patch peel off, and we’ve gone up to 20 days with Dex!

6. In the summertime, when we go to the beach or pool, we like to be extra sure that nothing falls off or gets sandy, so we use vet wrap to secure Dexcom and Omnipod, if they’re on arms or legs. Amazon has very reasonable prices on vet wrap. *Side note: if you wrap Dex, do it very loosely. You do not want to create a compression low(false low reading).*

7. Our little guy is always going out of range from his Dexcom receiver. He now wears a Spibelt, a small, lightweight fanny pack, to carry the receiver with him. It can also hold a pump, and has a hole for tubing. The name brand is Spibelt, but there are generic versions for cheaper, and the Dollar Store has even been known to carry them.

8. Traveling with diabetes can be a lot. A lot, a lot. But, we found a way to carry all the supplies a little easier. For $10 at Walmart, there are plastic bins, with clip on lids with a handle, and inside there is a tray with several smaller compartments. It keeps everything protected and nicely organized!

9. You know how hard it is to carry around juice boxes constantly and NOT have a juice explosion at some point? There are Tupperware containers that are exactly juice box shaped, and perfect for preventing a messy situation.

10. When you’re dealing with little ones, who constantly want something to drink, juice carbs can really add up. And who wants to drink water when you get to have juice for a low, and know what that sweet awesomeness tastes like?! Kool Aid Squeezers have become our best friend! 0 carbs and you just fill up their cup with water, squirt a little flavor in there, and BAM! Sugar free juice!

Now, I know there are TONS of other hacks out there, and I want to hear them! Share something that makes diabetes easier for you and your loved ones. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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