Happy T1D Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is coming, and that means family, fun, lots of eating, and making memories! But a holiday that revolves around food can be a daunting when you throw type 1 diabetes into the mix.

Last year, we traveled about an hour away to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. We didn’t have the technology we have today, and were giving Piet insulin shots manually, along with testing blood sugar with a glucose meter and finger prick. I’m looking forward to an easier meal this year, with our insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor!

The real craziness comes from guessing how many carbs are in everything. When we are at home, I calculate carbohydrates in everything when I cook(hahaha just kidding, I mean microwave). But when we are somewhere else, it’s not common practice to note nutritional facts on dishes. So, momma’s gotta SWAG.

Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know what SWAG stands for, and if you’re new around here, it means “Scientific Wild Ass Guess.”

So, Thanksgiving is one big SWAG-fest, and that can be scary, because too much insulin can mean low blood sugar(which is dangerous) and not enough could lead to high blood sugar(which is also not great).

But this year, I’m coming prepared with a Thanksgiving carb list, shown here.

Here are a couple tips I have for any newly diagnosed families:

1. Maybe low ball carb estimations. With all the fun and excitement, blood sugar might be running low to begin with. And how many times are our eyes bigger than our stomachs on Thanksgiving?!

2. Take it easy on yourself. Enjoy the holiday, and if blood sugars are running a little high, just correct them.

3. When a type 2 relative gives you advice about managing or curing diabetes, politely accept their suggestions, AND THEN EDUCATE THE CRAP OUT OF THEM! We have to advocate to lessen the misconceptions out there.

4. If you have ANY questions or need someone in your corner, don’t hesitate to reach out to your T1D community. Someone will be there to help, at any time, because ya’ll know we don’t sleep! If you haven’t found your community, message me!

5. YOU’VE GOT THIS! Be confident in yourself and your decisions.

I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a wonderful day of family, fun, and making memories… oh, and eating LOTS of food!

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