Merry T1D Christmas

When Christmas and Type 1 Tuesday collide, of course I would have to call Dexcom support!

Background: My 3yo son, Piet(pronounced Pate), has type 1 diabetes. We are constantly monitoring his blood sugar, making sure it isn’t too high or too low, dosing insulin when he eats carbs, and pumping sugar when he goes low.

To help us out, we have a continuous glucose monitor(Dexcom) which allows us to read his blood sugar from our phones, instead of constantly finger pricking him. We change out Dex every 10 days.

WELL, this morning was a Dex change, and that means a 2 hour warmup period, where we don’t see his numbers, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but it’s painfully long when you’re so reliant on it.

Thirty minutes in, it gave us an error message and said we needed to replace the sensor. No big deal, right? WRONG! We literally insert a small, whisker-like device into Piet’s body, and it stays there for the full 10 days. Every sight change means us holding him down, there is crying, and anxiety about it from him and me.

So, now we have to REDO it. More holding down, more screaming, more stress. Not to mention, a sensor was wasted, which is basically gold to T1Ds.

As always, Dexcom support was awesome. They helped me with the issue and sent a replacement sensor. We were on the phone for maybe 10 minutes, and they were amazing.

Today is a good reminder to be thankful for the amazing technology that helps us manage T1D on the daily. But also to remember, that although the world stops on Christmas, it doesn’t for type 1. There’s no holiday, break, or vacation for type 1 diabetics or T1D parents.

Merry Christmas and I hope T1D takes it easy on everyone today!

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