They Put The Punch In Punchline

My kids have been telling *jokes*(and I use that term super loosely).

When they started, I was really excited! Like, “Alright, Kids. Following in your mama’s footsteps. I like it.”

But then I heard the jokes. Here. I’ll list some.

• How did a chair cross the road?(No pause for an answer) Because shoes!

• What do you call a jacket? A sofa!

• Knock knock. Who’s there? BANANA!(This one had an abrupt ending I was prepared for.)

So, yeah. We’ve got some comedic work to do, but at least they’re interested, ya know?

Then, they asked ME to tell THEM a joke! I thought, “This is it. This is my chance. Telling jokes is what I do!”

So, I cleared my throat, grabbed my imaginary microphone, did a quick mic check, and laid a crowd pleaser on them.

“I feel like this should go without saying, but don’t buy my child a harmonica.”


“You guys can laugh! Mommy is so funny!”

*blank stares*

“Ok, fine. Well, Twitter and Instagram LOVED this one! What do you guys know…”

As I sulked away, I heard my daughter say, “How does a floor get hair? POOP!” And they erupted with laughter.

*shakes my head*

It’s fine. I’m ok. But if you’re wondering why my confidence is a little shaky, it’s because my kids really know how to put the “punch” in punchline.

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