10 Misconceptions About Type 1 Diabetes

People assume:

1. A T1D diagnosis was due to eating too much sugar. WRONG! T1D is an autoimmune disease, where the immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas.

2. T1D can be cured with a change of diet. NOPE! That’s type 2 diabetes, and is completely different than type 1.

3. T1D can be cured at all. THERE IS NO CURE FOR TYPE 1! No oil, spice, diet, pill can cure type 1, so stop trying to sell us stuff!

4. Only overweight people are diagnosed with T1D. NO! “But he’s too skinny to have diabetes!” That’s because type 1 has nothing to do with lifestyle or eating habits. Only a super human immune system.

5. Only older people are diagnosed with T1D. NOT TRUE! “He’s too young to have diabetes!” Well, type 1 used to be called Juvenile diabetes, because it’s usually diagnosed in children. BUT they changed that because adults can be diagnosed, and “juvenile” leads people to believe they won’t have it when they transition into adulthood.

6. Eating sugar is a “no no” for T1D. HAHA! As long as the proper amount of insulin is given, there is no limit to the amount of sugar people with T1D can consume. Because, again, T1D has nothing to do with diet. Plus, we treat low blood sugar with sugar, so it literally saves T1Ds’ lives every day.

7. T1D is not life threatening. FALSE! Low blood sugars are extremely dangerous. We treat low blood sugars every single day. High blood sugars for an extended period of time are extremely dangerous. Illnesses are extremely dangerous. All of these things can be life threatening.

8. Blood sugar stabilizes at night. YEAH, RIGHT! We treat low and high blood sugars over night, pretty much every night. That equates to a lot of missed sleep, with no end in sight.

9. Carbs are the only thing that affect blood sugar. I WISH! Let me just run down a quick list of things that affect blood sugar: growth spurts, excitement, anger, exercise, hunger, weather, bad dreams, sickness, and the list continues on…

10. T1D can be controlled. THIS MAKES ME LAUGH OUT LOUD! There is no way to completely manage or control T1D. People always ask, “So you have everything under control now?” HAHAHAHA Sure, we do everything we can to “control” type 1, but there are so many variables, that it is impossible to achieve perfection.

There are too many misconceptions about type 1 diabetes, and that leads to hurtful jokes and feelings about diabetes. But don’t worry! That’s why you all have me to help educate about it!

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