On Wednesdays We Wear Face Masks

HEY MAMAS! When was the last time you took a minute to pamper yourself? I’ll wait…

If you’re like me, then you probably can’t remember. And this is the exact reason I started the Face Mask Wednesday movement.

Face Mask Wednesday started as a 2019 New Years Resolution for myself. As a stay at home mom to three small, and very feral, children, I don’t get a lot of “me time.” And the “me time” I do get, usually revolves around shoveling my kids’ leftovers into my mouth over the kitchen sink, and binging Netflix until I fall asleep on the couch.

And sure, that’s usually a jolly good time, but I wanted to take a minute to actually care for myself. I wanted it to be something I looked forward. It couldn’t be too strenuous, because, let’s face it, mama’s exhausted at the end of the day. *cue face masks* And Wednesdays, because my husband works late every Wednesday, which really allows for the night to be all about me. What I want to eat. What I want to watch on TV. What I want to smear all over my face.

The first couple Wednesdays were awesome. While having my mask on, I laid on the couch, and relaxed. That’s right, I RELAXED. And that’s when I thought, I bet a lot of other moms out there could really benefit from 15-20 minutes of self-care.

I started inviting other moms to join in on the face mask fun, and was so excited when they jumped right on board! Plus, it is so much more fun having a virtual spa day with all my lady loves!

Wednesdays aren’t just for midweek meltdowns anymore. The self-care, bonding with my mom squad, and a glass(or 2) of wine has transformed my Wednesdays into something I look forward to!

Tonight, or maybe next Wednesday, I hope you’ll participate in Face Mask Wednesday. And don’t forget to tag me, or hashtag with #FMW, for a chance to be featured in my IG stories!

Happy Face Mask Wednesday, everyone!

Shout out to some of my favorite face mask ladies!

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