Not the Picnic We Planned

It’s been a few days, and I think I’m still processing what happened on the 4th. But I’m ready to talk about the terrifying events of Thursday.

If you’ve been following our story, you know my 3yo son has Type 1 diabetes, and if he experiences an extreme low blood sugar, it is unbelievably dangerous. It could even mean death.

Now for the story. We were traveling to visit my dear friend, about an hour and a half away. We had plans of grilling out, popsicles, sprinklers, and spending a wonderful day together.

On the way there, Piet started saying his stomach hurt, and then his blood sugar plummeted. It was dropping so quickly, Dexcom couldn’t keep up.

We pulled way over on the interstate to manually test blood sugar and push apple juice, but he was resistant.

He was in and out of sleepiness/consciousness, and we tried desperately to keep him awake enough to suck down just one more apple juice, to help his blood sugar (that wasn’t budging) come up.

Finger prick said 62 after 2 juice boxes and 5 skittles. This is when (as a Type 1 parent) you panic.

I started begging. “Please, baby. Just one more juice box. For Mommy.” But he couldn’t do it.

Then, projectile vomiting. If we were scared before, we are terrified now.

You see, anything stomach related, belly aches, stomach bugs, vomiting, they’re all super scary for Type 1 diabetics, and often land us in the hospital.

“I’ll get the glucagon. You call 9-1-1.” Jacob instructed. He quickly grabbed Piet out of his car seat and stood him up, stripping him of his puke-soaked clothing.

Glucagon: A life saving injection, only to be used in case of an extreme emergency. It tells the liver to start producing sugar. Think of it as the equivalent to NARCAN for a drug overdose.

As I was on the phone, I quickly gave the details of our situation, while interjecting instructions to Jacob about the glucagon. We have, thankfully, never needed to use it before.

By the time the ambulance pulled up, 3 very long minutes later, Piet’s numbers began stabilizing.

They hooked him up to the monitors, and he even perked up enough to get excited about being in an ambulance.

After evaluating him, they determined we should be ok keep traveling in our vomit coated car.

We decided heading back home was for the best, and about 15 minutes into our trip, Piet was asking for a happy meal and to go swimming at Grammy and Grandpops.

It’s still undetermined what caused this little episode, but fortunately we were ready for it, and able to keep it together.

Our little guy is such a boss. He literally looked grave danger in the face and asked for a happy meal instead.

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