Family with a Pre-Existing Condition

As a mother with a son who has a “pre-existing condition” it’s my job to protect him and do WHATEVER it takes to make sure he stays healthy while living with type 1 diabetes.

That includes:

+ ensuring he has the very best supplies to combat this unforgiving chronic illness

+ giving him constant, round the clock, no vacations/breaks care

+ always keeping our lifesaving medical supplies fully stocked and readily available

+ setting him up for a successful future, void of insurmountable healthcare costs

Very fortunately for us, he was diagnosed in a state that qualifies all type 1 diabetics under the age of 18 full health coverage through a secondary insurance – Medicaid.

Pre-existing conditions is an enormous talking point for both candidates this presidential election and it DIRECTLY effects us.

I feel far more comfortable with an up-and-running, fully functional program that is already in motion, than the alternative… which I think we can all agree lacks any kind of structure or plan, whatsoever. (I found this article to be informative, but by all means, PLEASE, do your own research. )

Some of you will still hide behind the big arguing points that may or may not actually effect your day-to-day life, while rest of us are LITERALLY fighting for our lives during this election.

SO! Let me break this down for you. What would our lives look like without Medicaid or the ACA.

These totals are all AFTER our primary insurance:

Insulin: $260.00/month

Insulin pump: $300 – $400/month

Test strips: $80/month

Dexcom sensors: $350.00/month

Dexcom transmitter: (lasts 104 days) $237.50

Glucagon: (once/year) $560.00

This list does not include the other various necessities we need to manage T1D, such as, alcohol swabs, overlay patches, juice boxes, iPod, and the list goes on and on. Basically we would be paying a second mortgage to keep our sweet boy alive.

What am I trying to accomplish by sharing my (our family’s) heart? We need our loved ones and compassionate readers to know that this election means far more to us than just being upset over “our party not being elected.”

Please, we are begging you. Do some research and learn what is at stake for people that you love and care for.

Thank you for reading. If you still plan on opposing us, we will still love you. We just needed to be heard, even for just a couple minutes.

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